Impotent Potence

Voice. You think of American Idol whenever that five letter word is interjected. Fine, The Voice would’ve been more logical. Yet, a guy does not have to be white and possess an acoustic guitar to show-off his alluring tenor. Heck. Ladies don’t even need Mottola for their soprano to be advertised.


 We owe it to the Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and sometimes Tumblr. These words are not even in a lexicon yet deemed as potent tools to spread a campaign, a movement, a gossip better than the reach of the tsismis couriered by Manang Labandera.


In the Philippines with the population of over 92 million; around 30 million have access to internet, and 28 million can access social networks. As usual, we hold the record for longest time spent on the web as netizens. Other countries often quip us as highly sociable. We would trek mountains high and low just to click that red alarming notification.  FTW, right? The majority of Filipino netizen is aged below 23 years old. The median age of Filipinos is unsurprisingly also 23 years old.

The question is: Do the 23 year olds have voice?

Maybe they are better off ROFLing in 9gag. Because who would dare listen to a 23 year old’s opinions and advocacies? I doubt if he had ever get RTed in Twitter on his views about the recent Impeachment. How much more in RH Bill?


I never thought of bringing up the matter until I found a 7 month old fetus wrapped in my very own shower cap in our toilet.  That berserk night social media not only became a tool to vent a traumatic incident. For mercies sake I wanted to change the world through my finger tips. I thought of starting a blog to throw my message across; to educate, motivate and inspire. Yes, I am in marketing; I can do that. But I am not Carlos Celdran, or Tweetnirizal or Ann Curtis who actually have voices. Fine. Maybe Ann Curtis spoiled my illustration. Not maybe.


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