Siriously Ill

Have you ever feared ignorance? I always have. A healthy learned man would be declared clinically dead as a result of complications of that malady; this realization has sedated me. Contagious eternal ignorance, this disease I gravely feared. My friends, today we are going to witness who among the two age categories are most likely to be candidates of this malignant disease: adolescent or obsolescent. Not only do we say early detection is the best prevention but we will also cite a treatment appropriate to the determined patient.

A symptom showed by the first group of candidates is called passing follies. Youth, in our quintessential state is foolish and compulsive; good news, this too is passing. The passing follies of the adolescent are devoted by her; her sweet diction, the crisp texture of her voice, her credibility with regards to the knowledge of the world. I feel my heart rate speeding with her matchless wits. It’s official; I’m in love with Siri and the level of technology she represents.

SIRIously, technology has greatly advanced the adolescents’ learning; as proponents to it, we have learned to play by its game. Mark Zuckerberg, a College student has become the fountain of innovation.  SIRIously why would I prefer to seek advice from my folks when they blurt, “Pao, halika,” whenever they need to copy/ paste a simple text? This is the exact situation when my mutual relationship with Siri takes the upper-hand.


(reason why naggy rhymes with Siri)


Teenagers are not the ill-trained ignorant patients that adults have reckoned to be disabled without the ever-present companion of iPods; or at least, please capsulate us in chic Jimmy Choo while fiddling our BBs.  We do know about strategies; youngsters refer to budgeting by strategizing how to squeeze myriad resources to just a 2500 limit of daily caloric expenditure with regards to our strict diet. Like the adults, we also talk about business acumen. There’s only one kind of ignorance that do frighten us though: ignorance of shopping sale madness. Being caught in this life threatening event would declare us clinically dead. Our total swag depends on designer diffusion lines as this would save us our health. You guessed it: Demeanour. That’s our second most powerful source of medication; sharp and crisp demeanour.


Speaking of demeanour, that fancy French word; allow me to spiel about my little French affair. So there was this 6’2 French guy whose physique, lifestyle and philosophies; whose total swag I totally dig. Until one day, he told me, “You are young.” That moment, I felt like I needed a tranquilizer; he continued, “Stop relying on books.” He rubbed it in as if it’s the most important thing I need when all I needed was more than resuscitation but a revival before I am announced to be clinically dead, “Learn from experience.” That was it; I needed to but in, “We’re not talking about a decade age gap here, right?” so much for my cardiovascular condition.

I accuse him of having a ‘fleeting passion’ condition. Fleeting passion is a symptom that frames our second age groups as candidates to the disease: ignorance.  Our age gap is nine short years. I don’t think that’s a huge enough difference to accuse me of being, “young.” Then I asked myself if I would really be able to keep up. Studies revealed that older does mean wiser: The older brain has experience. We now have neurobiological evidence showing that with age comes wisdom and that as the brain gets older it learns to better allocate its resources. So he was right, “experience,” does make a big difference.


Granted the facts by the diagnostics we have reached the moment of reckoning, adolescents are likely to be candidates of the malady called ignorance. The treatment is simple: introspection. People learn more from their experience when they spend time thinking about them.

Studies also show that introspection is a proponent to intrapersonal intelligence which contributes to our wisdom. The adolescents’ passing follies and obsolescents’ fleeting passions gap can be bridged by having the wisdom of the old and the passion of the young on a balance.

Now that we know the prospects of this contagious ailment and have discussed the possible solution to it; the question is, “Will the youth introspect?” Only in pausing from this ultra-fast paced lifestyle and masticating our experiences to bits can we gain wisdom. After all, experience is the best teacher, “Will you listen to her?”


(Yes, I do, “Dear Diary..”)


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